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Our People

It's people who power our business and are core to the success and sustainability of the company.

Smollan Headcount values and foundations are geared towards attracting, developing and retaining great people.

With our largest investment being in human resources, the results truly show. Our people are passionate, hardworking and dedicated. We are grateful to have the team that we do.


Fake “Mystery Shopper” Offer
14 June 2013

Smollan Headcount UK has learned that its name is being exploited to further a fraudulent “mystery shopper” or “secret shopper” scam.  People around the U.S. and Canada are receiving emails bearing the Smollan Headcount name and logo, and fake contact information, inviting recipients to become a “Mystery Shopper”. Recipients of the email are asked to respond to the email to indicate interest, whereupon they will receive an agreement to sign up for the programme.  

Smollan Headcount UK is in no way associated with these offers, and does not conduct any business in the US or Canada.  Unfortunately, these fraudulent schemes are using the names of reputable companies like ours without our permission.  We are taking all necessary steps to work with the appropriate law enforcement and governmental authorities in relation to this scam.

If you have received an offer similar to the one described above, we recommend the following:

  1. DO NOT respond or engage in ANY manner.
  2. DO NOT disclose any personal or bank account information.
  3. If a follow on email is received containing any links for further information DO NOT click on these links.
  4. If you have been scammed, contact your bank, local and/or federal law enforcement authorities on how to proceed to recover any stolen funds, secure your bank account, and protect your personal information and privacy.
  5.  Please send us a copy of any materials you have received regarding this or similar offers bearing the Smollan Headcount UK name by email to info@smollan.co.uk