Our Partners

WPP WPP is a world leading marketing communications services group.  Since joining, Smollan Headcount have benefited from  some great global initiatives, such as our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.  We believe that in these days of uncertainty, there is no better security than a stable global parent.  In addition, WPP drive efficiencies in the overall purchasing arena allowing us to pass cost savings on to our clients.
WPP The Smollan Group were founded in 1931, initially as a sales agency. With its pedigree in field marketing, the Group has evolved to offer a diverse range of outsourced marketing services to multiple channels across a broad spectrum of industries.  Since the Smollan Group acquired an interest in our business in 2010, they have proven a positive influence in the development and growth of both companies and by merging the brands, we are now able to deliver integrated Sales and Marketing services to truly meet our clients global objectives.  Both Smollan and Smollan Headcount are part of the WPP group.